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At the Society for Ethical Addiction Treatment, or SEAT, we are committed to closing the divide between research and practical care. In the world of addiction treatment, there’s often a disconnect between the experts, who have validated effective approaches, and the real-world clinicians responsible for delivering care. Waiting for treatment practices to catch up with scientific findings comes at a high cost — too much suffering and lives lost in the ongoing addiction epidemic.

The mission of SEAT is to drive change through education, reshaping the landscape of addiction treatment to include science-based approaches to bring about better outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

Organize Webinars with Keynotes and Interactive Panel Discussions
Host Expert Think Tanks to Synthesize Research into Recommendations
Conduct In-Person Symposiums and Conferences Fostering Collaborations
Distribute Newsletters Delivering Key Findings & Recommendations

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Todd Bridges


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From Our Founder

Hey there! You might know me from some of my on-screen antics, but today, I’m talking about a cause that’s incredibly close to my heart – ethical addiction treatment. Addiction is no joke. It’s a battle that so many of us, including myself, have faced in one way or another.

We have the power to make things better, but there is one thing holding us back. In the world of addiction treatment, research and real-world care are too disconnected. We’re here to change that. Our goal is to bring together researchers, who have studied and proven what needs to be done, and providers, who are in the trenches actually doing the work, so everyone can benefit. I strongly believe if we can align treatment protocols to scientifically proven strategies, then recovery outcomes will drastically improve.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between research and real-life care by spreading  awareness and promoting practices that have been proven most effective in addiction treatment. We established the Society for Ethical Addiction Treatment because we believe in a world where addiction treatment is compassionate, effective, and empowering. Let me tell you, it’s about time!

I have seen firsthand how powerful storytelling can be, and addiction is a story that needs a better ending. I invite you to join us in this journey! When we come together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Cheers to Positive Change!

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