Bridging the gap between addiction research and treatment.


Effective Addiction Treatment Informed by Scientific Research.

At the Society for Evidence-based Addiction Treatment (SEAT), our mission is to transform the landscape of addiction treatment by incorporating science-based treatment strategies and standards, which means better outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

We are dedicated to eliminating fraud and waste as well as bridging the gap between research and real-life care. In the world of addiction treatment, the scientists, who have proven the efficacy of certain approaches, and the real-world clinicians, who are charged with providing care, are disconnected. Waiting years for treatment protocols to catch up to the scientific findings, costs too much in lives ruined by the addiction epidemic. We’re here to change that.

Meet Our Founder.

Actor Todd Bridges

Over 30 Years in Recovery

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Together We Work Better.

The SEAT mission involves bringing researchers and doctors together so that everyone benefits. Working collaboratively to align treatment methods with scientifically proven strategies, we strive to empower treatment providers, individuals in recovery, and communities to drive meaningful change.


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